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Mak Grgic (Los Angeles):

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Samo Sali for the past few years. His work has showed professionalism and dedication from the very start, while his ability to adapt his skills and knowledge as a graduate of physics to the careful manufacture of his guitars has always resulted in instruments of very high quality. His latest double top instruments, one of which I own, are his best so far: they show incredible clarity and sonority soundwise (as double top guitars should), but they also possess the richness and color of a traditionally build classical guitar – a wonderful mixture of both sound worlds, which will prove satisfactory for any guitarist.

Mak Grgic, November 4 2013


prof. Tomaz Rajteric, MSc (Academy of Music in Ljubljana):

"Samo Sali applies top-level materials and precision of his work can be compared with most accurate luthiers. Sali does not only make guitars, he is constantly in search for new solutions in guitar making. The result of his long-lasting efforts is a brand new model of a guitar. Due to its unique design features in terms of workmanship, power and directional characteristic, this instrument can be placed among finest concert guitars."

Jerko Novak, MSc (High School of Music in Ljubljana):

"Samo Sali is surprising us again: his new type of a guitar which is unique in the world means transition into the highest quality. It is about a guitar maker who deserves all our respect. Slovenes can be proud of him."

Mladen Bucic, MSc (High School of Music in Ljubljana):

"Sali guitars are one of the best Slovenian products. I am not aware of any guitar maker who would made so many innovations in so short period of time and who has achieved state of the art so rapidly. Without any doubt, the last Sali's invention is the largest alteration of classical guitar design after A. Torres. I do not recall a guitar with so high dynamic response."

Damjan Stanisic, MSc (Music School in Murska Sobota):

"A new model of Sali guitar is very convincingly in terms of dynamics."

Saso Lamut, academic guitarist (High School of Music in Maribor):

"Sali guitars are completed instruments in terms of sound and tone color in particular, therefore I recommend them to my students."

Zarko Ignjatovic, MSc (Pedagogical Faculty in Maribor):

"Samo Sali is a leading classical guitar maker in Slovenia. In only few years he made a huge progress from excellent and innovative theorist into a succesful expert. Today his instruments can be denoted as high-end guitars. His enthusiasm and assiduity are a source of new achievements and successes."

Lucija Sorn, spec. (Music School Risto Savin, Zalec):

"New Sali guitars are excellent, therefore I own one of them."

Srdjan Bulatovic, MSc (Academy of Music in Cetinje - Montenegro):

"Sali's instruments are made by high standards. I am impressed about their perfect necks which enable comfortable playability, and clearness as well as balanced sound of each string separately, which is not so often in classical guitars. Another feature of Sali guitars is a special design of their bridge which improves their look and tone quality."


Istvan Römer, Dr. (Academy of Music in Zagreb - Croatia):

"Sali Mini model for youngest guitarists was superior in comparison to all other guitars in terms of sound clarity, projection and power during Slovenian guitar competition (year 2012) in this category."

Richard F. Sayage (Savage Classical Guitar):

"Power and musicality – superb builder from Slovenia."




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